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Cora Farr

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We have been helping Australians lose weight for over 38 years!

Our Four Pillars approach is holistic - not just food or excercise - learn more...

The Natural Way is a complete weight management system that incorporates a unique ‘4-pillar approach’ to weight loss.  These four elements all work together (in a holistic way) to support your weight loss goals and eventual weight maintenance:  and you will learn throughout your weight loss program how to keep off your lost weight.

The Natural Way’s four pillars are made up of:

Pillar 1 – Consultant
Your consultant has been professionally trained in the understanding of weight gain and weight loss. She knows that no two people are identical and therefore no two programmes are identical.

She will work with you to tailor a personal programme that will include The Natural Way’s range of natural herbal, vitamin and mineral formulations, and select an eating plan that can easily adapt into your lifestyle.

Each week she will monitor your progress during your private consultation and motivate you all the way to your goal weight.

Pillar 2 – Eating plans
The Natural Way has an extensive range of eating plans based on a variety of principles for weight loss.   Your consultant will assist you in selecting an eating plan to suit you based on your tastes and eating habits.

Your eating plan may be changed throughout the course of your program to keep you focussed and motivated.

There are no pre-packaged foods or meal replacements, just ‘normal’ food you would find at the supermarket.   The food is simple to make and family friendly, so your whole family will love the delicious, healthy recipes.

Pillar 3 – Natural Formulations

The Natural Way formulations are a natural blend of vitamins, minerals and/or herbs and are only available through our clinics.  All of the formulations in The Natural Way range are proudly owned and manufactured in Australia.

During your first appointment, your consultant will discuss your personal weight loss and health care needs and recommend a selection of our proven, exclusive formulations to suit you.   These formulations work together to bring your body back into balance and their combined action enhances the weight loss process.  The formulations selected for you ensure that you maintain optimal health while losing weight.

Pillar 4 – Healthy Living

Successful long term weight loss is easily achievable only through unlearning old habits and then learning and relearning nature’s perfect ways for our bodies.

The Natural Way’s unique Healthy Living (which includes learning tools and weekly coaching) aims to do this easily and in a fun-filled way. By following the programme diligently, you will learn practical tips relevant to your lifestyle.

Your consultant meets with you personally each week to facilitate your understanding of the programme as you learn skills to successfully manage your weight for life.

The Natural Way is different from all other weight loss programs because we have: 

  • NO fad diets or gimmicks
  • NO pre-packaged food or meal replacement shakes
  • NO consultation fees
  • NO group meetings

The Natural Way Gold Coast is just one of a network of clinics throughout Australia. Cora Farr, senior consultant at the Gold Coast clinic, is an experienced weight loss professional who offers her clients expert individual care and support.

Cora Farr, The Natural Way Gold Coast Weight Loss Consultant

About Cora Farr:  Cora Farr is The Natural Way’s most experienced consultant,  and your weight loss consultant at the Gold Coast clinic.  I have 27 years experience in the weight loss industry.  After working for a major weight loss company for 6 years, I opened my The Natural Way clinic in Southport in July 1996 and after I sold the clinic I have continued to work as part of The Natural Way team.  I have worked with literally hundreds of clients over the years, and coached many of those towards achieving their dream weight.  I can certainly offer you the same support and guidance while you are achieving your weight loss and wellbeing goals.  Consultations by email and telephone are free, as is the in clinic consultation at our Gold Coast location.  Phone consultations are usually conducted once a week on a Wednesday by booking an appointment time with me.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.